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Our 2014 Show Directory is now available and has expanded news, contributors and information about special events at the show. 

Take a moment to preview our 2014 show directory to give you an idea of what is in store, see a floor plan and detailed exhibitor listing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every year our office answers numerous calls from collectors inquiring as to what antiques, exactly, will be available at the "World's Largest Indoor Antique Show."  We've copied some of the most frequently asked questions here and provided answers!  Also, we have listed the common product categories that can always be found at the show. Keep your eye out for our show directory, which should be available on our site in early January.  It's a great tool to plan which booths to visit at the show!

What types of antiques will be available at the show?

Below please find a list of some of the most common categories of antiques found at the show each year. Please know that we often have amazing pieces that don't neccessarily fit into a particular category, such as a silver bar from a sunken Spanish vessel, WWII binoculars, a tiara which had once belonged to French royalty...the list is extensive. Each year the show is filled with thousands of rare and unique objects.  The list below is merely a guide.

Antique Style Jewelry (Reproductions)
Applied Arts
Art Deco
Art Glass
Art Nouveau
Artesian & Studio Jewelry
Cameos & Intaglios
Clocks & Timepieces

Contemporary Jewelry
Estate Jewelry
Gemstones & Pearls
Handbags & Purses

Oyster Plates & Quimper
Paintings & Art
Perfume Bottles
Retro 1940
Signed Pieces


Will there be rare coins at the show?

From time to time rare coins are exhibited at the show, but this isn't one of the most prevalent categories on the show floor. If you are interested solely in coins, we recommend that you visit the website for the Florida United Numismatists, who hold a yearly event focusing on coin collecting.

Will there be vintage record collections?

While we do have dealers who specialize in vintage merchandise, such as eye wear, purses and jewelry, record collections are not found on the show floor.

How do I know which artists paintings will be available at the show?

As our dealers are always buying and selling merchandise until they arrive at the show, it's impossible to know what will be available before hand. We try to work with our dealers in advance to understand any extremely special works they may be bringing to the show, and publicize those, but we often don't know until opening day.

Should I come to the show on the last day to get the best deal?

The "best deal" theory usually involves goods that are mass produced and doesn't really apply to rare and unique objects which are decades, or even centuries, old. Our dealers are always willing to work with buyers to negotiate fair prices.

How do I buy tickets for the show?

Click Here to purchase tickets online

How do I find an exhibitor?

Click Here to use our exhibitor search

How do I get to the show?

Click Here to go to the Miami Beach Convention Center website for maps, directions, and parking information.

What are the show dates and operating hours?

The show schedule will be available soon

Where should I stay?

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A Story To Wear

A Story To Wear is a documentary that is being produced about the history of jewelry and the antique community.  Click the button below to find out more and show your support.


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